MUZZAbikes Sound of Thunder 2018

2018 Sound of Thunder: Highlights.. Great weather, Awesome company, Exciting racing! A race win and two seconds in SuperStock Open, 2nd overall. Bikes & bodies all intact. Awesome! 😀 Another successful weekends racing for Muzzabikes.

Full Story for those that are interested. After breaking a chain resulting in a DNF in MotoEuro things weren't looking too good making it for race one SS open. Luckily Hayden Scorringefixed me up with a chain. After some grinding and riveting we were mobile again. Big thanks to Hayden!

Race one my start was average and even from pole I was forth off the line. The grunt of the M900R got me into turn one first and I lead the whole race.Glenn Corson from his second row start had clawed his way up to 2nd where he finished.

Race two my start was worse and Glenn, now beside me on the front row, lead into turn one. I attempted a pass but backed out of it. I had a good run on him into turn 2 and thought I had a

chance but went in a bit hot and lost the front. Manage to pick it up but by this stage I had run out of track and resorted to 100 metres of grass tracking. Came back on track at the hairpin in about 15th. Knowing if Glenn won I would need to be second to stay in the hunt for the title the chase was on. The first 10 or so were relatively easy and by lap 3 I was forth. Pushing to the limit I was in second with a lap to go but the gap to Glenn was too big and he cruised to victory.

Tied on points going into race three and my start was a shocker! I was over thinking it and bogged down, wheelied, you name it. 5th in to turn one was not where I wanted to be with Glenn getting the hole shot. The 3 in front were on a good pace and hard to get around taking me 3 laps while Glenn cleared off in the distance. Finishing 2nd left me 3 points behind and a well earned class win to Glenn.

In all still happy with the weekend. Andy Taylor on the other M900R managed a personal best lap of 1:46.99 and finished well in his races. Big thanks again to Wayne Judge for his pit work and all the support from Sue Carter. Yummy lunches and pitting for me when Wayne was busy else where. Thanks toHelen Taylor, Andrew Haworth and all the others that supported us and cheered us on. A special thanks to TRU Hire for their support and team shirts.

A big well done to Campbell Stevenson for riding the rings off the Muzzabikes M700R and taking second in class in F2 and SS ltd. And his PB of 1:42.2 Awesome! Well done to Rhett Roberts on the Muzzabikes M750R. You all did us proud!😀😀

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